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Taking advice from a local financial advisor in Derry can bring you many advantages

Here are just 5 advantages you stand to gain by talking with a local financial advisor:

  1. Many local mortgage advisers and IFAs will be able to offer you the choice between a remote or face to face meeting – especially important during the current pandemic. 

  2. Local mortgage brokers will have personal knowledge of the local property and property-related services.

  3. Increasing numbers of local financial advisers will provide a free initial meeting to find out how best they can serve you. 

  4. Being local many financial advisers will be able to offer you the choice of meetings either at your home or at your office.

  5. Financial advisors are often active members within their local business communities and can refer you to other known and trusted local professionals such as solicitors, accountants, property surveyors, and home maintenance services.

Local Mortgage Advice For First Time Buyers and Home Movers

If you’re just starting out on your financial journey and excited by the prospect of buying your very first home you may well be confused as to what’s involved in the process and the many choices available.

Your local financial adviser will be more than happy to explain all of the steps involved and help save you time and money by finding the most suitable mortgage arrangement for you.

They will help you to make the best decision possible out of the many choices of products from a large number of mortgage lenders in the market.

And while many mortgage lenders are broadly similar with regard to the products they offer, they can vary enormously in costs, individual lending rules, and their terms and conditions.

Your local financial advisor will be able to help find a lender and product that feels right to you. To have the time or skills to do this is beyond the scope for many first time buyers and even some more experienced home-movers.

Tap into their bank of local market knowledge

Mortgage brokers often have first hand knowledge of other local professionals such as surveyors, conveyancing solicitors, estate agents and professional maintenance experts. Having a finger on the local pulse can work in your favour.

For example, if you were considering buying an older property and needed a second opinion on its overall condition, a local mortgage broker may be able to introduce you to a local surveyor with knowledge of the area. This could include reports of localised flooding, subsidence or planning issues. Checking out potential problems ahead of making a formal mortage application can save you both time and money in the longer term.

Professional Advice on Planning for Retirement

You may be at a point in your life where you’re wondering what retirement looks like to you. Your local professional financial advisor will provide you with an objective yet impartial overview and help you plan the steps towards meeting the retirement goal you visualise for yourself.

It’s their job to help ensure you are well informed, provide you with any necessary advice, point out any risks, and work with you to establish positive investment decisions and outcomes.

Some may even offer to make investment decisions on your behalf, without the risk of their emotional involvement or bias.

Investment and Regular Savings Advice

Many of us dream of achieving the level of financial freedom that gives us the ability to call our own shots, make choices, and aspire to long-held goals.

Investing with such intentional goals can be achieved by making regular and tax-efficient savings. Or, perhaps you may be fortunate enough to receive an inheritance or an unexpected cash windfall.

In any case, always seek advice from a suitably qualified and experienced Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) whose role is to provide you with structured financial advice by taking account of your entire financial circumstances and your acceptable level of risk.

Taking positive actionable steps towards securing your financial affairs is both life-affirming and will help boost your self-esteem by knowing you are doing all you can to provide more certainty in your future.

Using a local Solicitor for your conveyancing 

Buying your first property is often the first time many will have used the services of a solicitor.

Many mortgage brokers will deal with local solicitors, who similar to surveyors are likely to be aware of any local issues that you may need to know about.

An important part of the conveyancing process is to carry out searches. This is to protect both you the buyer and also the lender.

A local search will reveal issues such as access restrictions, rights of way that go through your property, pending planning applications, restrictive covenants, or previous problems with neighbours over boundaries etc.

Again, armed with a little local knowledge can go a long way towards preventing annoying or costly surprises further down the road.

It’s important to take Advice on Insurance Protection 

Are you concerned about your ability to continue providing for your family with ongoing financial support if you lost your ability to earn a living due to redundancy, ill health, an accident, or worse?

Your local financial advisor will be able to work with you, your goals and within your budget to find the most suitable protection plans from across the wider protection market.

He or she will have an in-depth understanding of many different insurance products, their features, and how you will benefit from the protection and peace of mind they provide. This is an outstanding time and potentially cost-saving benefit to you.

Other advantages you stand to gain by choosing local financial advice

  • Professional, Independent, and Qualified Advice
  • Providing Clarity and Removing Confusion
  • Personalised Advice Tailored to your individual needs

No matter where you are on your financial journey, it pays to seek professional local financial advice!

So go ahead and take action now! 

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