These are plenty of benefits from taking local financial advice.

Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope you find this useful.

Why choose a local financial adviser?

Whatever financial decisions you need to make, there is always advantages in consulting a local financial adviser. You may have a query re buying a home, retirement and pensions, investing your money, or perhaps a key life event like becoming a parent. The possibilities are endless, but whatever your circumstances, a local, independent, qualified, regulated adviser can help protect your interests and provide the advice you need.

How will I benefit from taking independent financial advice?

Money is a big part of our lives and receiving the right advice is necessary to provide clarity and to ensure the correct financial decisions are taken. Receiving independent advice is crucial and the only way to achieve this is to consult an IFA (independent financial adviser) who can look across the whole market on your behalf, and advise you about the best possible options for your circumstances. Such advisers have a huge depth of knowledge and experience and are qualified as well as regulated. Receiving the right advice not only removes hassle and worry…. it creates peace of mind and a feeling of control.

How do financial advisers get paid?

Financial advisers need to earn a living in the same way as Solicitors, Accountants, indeed all of us do. Depending on the services you need and the time period and workloads involved, various different ways of charging you may apply. Sometimes there will simply be an agreed, fixed fee. Alternatively, hourly fees may sometimes apply, or, if for example, you are investing money, charges may be based on percentages of amounts invested. If, however, the advice you need relates to a mortgage, equity release, general insurance (e.g. travel or home insurance) or protection insurance (e.g. term life insurance), then advisers may simply take commission from the product provider. Always agree methods of payment in the initial meeting with your adviser so that you will understand, up front, how the relationship will work.

Where is the best place to find a local independent financial adviser?

Carrying out general searches for financial advisers online can be a minefield, hence, our advice is to use an online search facility like On sites like this, searching is simple and fast, and it is easy to find a suitable adviser, near to you, who has the expertise and experience you need to get the best possible advice for you.

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